Day 2 in Bogota

Day two was an early start and we returned to the airport to get an update on the bags and were informed that they were due on a lunchtime flight and would be delivered that evening…there was four pages of paperwork provided to make a compensation claim which I still haven’t had the patience to complete, I guess that’s their intention! Still determined not to let it impact the trip we continued to explore and that afternoon took on Bogota’s top tourist attraction, Cerro de Monserrate which is a holy mountain with a church and panoramic city views on top and stands 3200m above the city.
It was starting to look a bit like rain again and eager to avoid a repeat of day one we chose the quickest option to reach the top which was a cable car. Unfortunately this was not to be and by the time we reached the top we could barely see in front of us. Here’s a look at what the expected views are, and what we actually saw!


Next up was a trip to Florida cafe, a cafe established in Bogota in 1936 and famous for hot chocolate, which appears to be very popular in Colombia! Our severe lack of Spanish had been making things difficult so far and with the assistance of a Spanish phasebook and some detective work on my part I was chuffed that the waiter appeared to understand my order of two hot chocolates..that was until this arrived:

The only response was uncontrollable laughter from the pair of us and odd looks from the staff and everyone around us. We decided we would make cheese rolls and have them for lunch. We were then interrupted by the arrival of two cups of hot chocolate…so much confusion. We were later to learn that hot chocolate is indeed popular in Colombia but it is served with cheese!! It was an entertaining afternoon.

That evening, to complete our authentic Colombian food experience, we visited a local restaurant for dinner and the phrase book was in hand again. I always like when I see locals in places abroad because you are sure not to be in a tourist trap and experience new places like a local. We were in luck that night as a friendly Colombian lady sitting nearby obviously spotted us with our milky white skin and Spanish phrase book! She explained she was from Bogota but spoke English because she lived and worked in Orlando and offered help with the menu. She recommended a traditional dish from Bogota and explained we were in the most popular restaurant to order was called tamali and while not so aesthetically pleasing, it tasted superb! Also served with more hot chocolate and cheese!! This time we watched as the locals tore their cheese and dropped it into the chocolate with the rolls. So bizarre. We tried it and concluded that while we love hot chocolate, and equally love cheese…we won’t be eating them together again!!

There was a cheer of joy when we returned to our hostel and our bags arrived later that night! The next morning we would head to destination #2 in Colombia with fresh clothes and a hunger for some adrenaline!



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