Falling in love with Cartagena

We took a bus to Cartagena, about 5 hours from Santa Marta.  I instantly fell in love with the place. A city surrounded by its old city walls, with narrow cobbled streets and balconies overflowing with flowers. It was so beautiful any direction you looked.


Cartagena is more expensive than the other locations so far and I understand that a lot of Colombians use it as their own holiday destinations but I can understand why on both counts after being there. We spent our first night looking after our bellies with some “arepas”, which are everywhere in Colombia! The closest comparison is like a potato cake at home, but they are made with corn. They are sold on every street by food vendors, appear to be a breakfast staple, and can be served with anything on top. The main accompaniment seems to be cheese though…that being said Colombians put cheese on everything, even their fruit salad!!! We spent the evening enjoying some Colombian dancing in Bolivar park.


We had another taxi incident this night, after taking  40minutes for a 10 minute ride, it eventually took Gavin holding the map beside the driver and pointing lefts and rights at him to get us home…at least sign language is universal and once more, thank god for offline maps!

The next day was our first full day in Cartagena and we walked from our hostel to the old city. We kicked off with a walk around the old city walls, which took about 4 hours in total, visiting the three main areas. Cartagena is a city you could spend hours just wandering the streets, no maps, just looking at all the buildings and not get lost..and that’s exactly what we did!


The air con in the Gold Museum, which was free to enter, was a very welcomed way to spend some of the afternoon! Once evening hit we went to the popular local spot for the sunset and were entertained by some kite surfers and a few cervezas (beers)!




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