The countdown is over!

January 9th 2017 – Happy New Year! We have been counting down to this date for a period that feels like forever!

It was time to check our bags one last time and set off for the airport where we would catch an early morning flight en route to Bogota, Colombia to begin the South America adventure. We flew through London and Miami to eventually arrive in Bogota approximately 24 hours later! We booked all of our flights with TrailFinders and our ticket is a round-the-world option with all of our major flights included.

The travels went off inconsequentially and we were even treated to a beautiful sunset for our stop over in Miami. The first of many I’m sure and something I adore watching and photographing!


Arriving in Bogota a few hours later, and having been awake 48hours at that point, we were ready to just get to our hostel and sleep! Not so straightforward though…as we studied the conveyor belt intensely waiting on our bags for about 40 minutes willing them to pop out to later learn they were left behind during the change in Miami. Too tired to get annoyed I was grateful to American Airlines for the packs containing a toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, deodorant and hairspray which they were rapidly firing at disgruntled passengers. They promised us our luggage to following day….



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