More Adventures in San Gil

We spent day three in San Gil traveling to Cascada de Juan Curi, which is a waterfall approximately 40 minutes outside of San Gil. We had directions from our hostel to take a local bus which would drop us to the grounds of the waterfall, followed by a 20 minute walk from there that takes you to the falls where you can swim to cool down after the walk. Despite the language barrier we successfully made it on the correct bus and were looking forward to our afternoon outdoors. However ten minutes into our journey we were forced off the bus along with an American couple as the driver directed us in Spanish (none of us understood) and we continued to watch as he replaced us with locals!! We were so stunned we watched with open gobs and attempted to understand through bad sign language that another bus would pick us up in a few minutes. So it did and we were off on attempt number 2 to make it to the waterfall. It was a beautiful walk with a reward of freezing falls and pools at the end.



We waited almost an hour for the local bus back into San Gil and on its arrival there was a feeling of despair to see it was full. Obviously this was irrelevant to the driver who continued to let us, and a number of European tourists we had met that afternoon, onto the bus regardless! It was a crowded and very bumpy but entertaining journey back!

That night we departed San Gil on our first night bus that would take us to our third stop, Santa Marta, in the north of Colombia and on the Caribbean coast. It was a 12 hour journey and many warnings from other travelers had been provided about these night buses…one thing for certain was to dress as if you are going to the Antarctic as they are freezing. The bus was surprisingly super comfortable and as I wrapped up in my hat and two fleeces I was all set for a good nights sleep…but then we started to move!!! At least this game of chicken was slightly better than the bus to San Gil as the darkness made me at least have faith that the driver would look for oncoming lights before trying to overtake everything possible this time.



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