Paradise Playa Blanca

We took an early bus to a local peninsula, Playa Blanca, where we would spend a night on the beach before returning for a final night in Cartagena. I had no idea that a place could exceed my expectations so much. Definitely the most pristine beach I have ever seen and I spent most of our 24hours there wondering if it was a dream! We got set up with our beach hut as a priority and then set to soaking up the sun and enjoying the sea, right at the foot of our beds, for the day. Our hut was basic but we had a bed and a fan, and the nicest family to welcome and host us (through google translate/broken spanish!). There is no running water in Playa Blanca, we “showered” in the sea and manually had to throw buckets of water into the toilet, the generators for the electricity only operate from late evening until early morning, and there is no WiFi!! Once the sun was set we relied on our torches to get to a nearby restaurant for the catch of the day for dinner.  It was a beautiful setting to wake to the waves and jump straight into my hammock with a view that I’ll never forget.





I was sad to leave Playa Blanca, but returning to the charming Cartagena eased the pain…and the thought of a proper shower and working toilet helped I guess. We found a quirky spot for dinner, but trying to order a fresh wok feed in Spanish is not easy. Thankfully I had learned the word for mushrooms as a priority and as long as there was none near I was happy out. We said farewell to Cartagena and it’s pretty city walls and had a busy evening of packing the backpacks – properly this time as we were set to catch a flight in the am.


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