San Gil – Colombia’s Adventure Capital

A 7 hour bus, the first of many long ones we will take, had us arriving in San Gil by 6pm on Wednesday. As the bus took off from Bogota it didn’t take us long to conclude that Colombian drivers are CRAZY. I was at a window seat, nice view I was thinking, but more like a repetitive parrot noting how close everything appeared to me while being jolted forward by the driver who persisted in speeding up in order to immediately slam on the breaks. This continued for about ten minutes into our journey when we crashed into a footpath and bollard with a loud bang. At this point I thought it was necessary to take out some of the medals and prayers that had been dotted throughout my luggage mainly from my mum. It was like a game of chicken for seven hours, passing out anything that wasn’t driving above the drivers desired speed and regardless of any vision on what was coming towards us, the sharper the corners the better!! Least some of the views were good, even if my company wasn’t :)!!

Two very nauseous passengers arrived in San Gil about 6pm..and celebrated our safe arrival with a toast!!


On arrival at our hostel we were informed of just some of the activities we could sign up for including paragliding, bungee jumping, caving, turbospeeding, rappelling a waterfall, zip lining…. we booked in for white water rafting the following day as it’s the top rated activity to do in San Gil. I would celebrate my 26th birthday the next day and was excited to make it a birthday to remember. For one, it was 30degrees in San Gil and being a January baby in Ireland it was definitely the warmest birthday I’ve had yet. The rafting was so much fun and I would definitely do it again. We rafted in a river with rapids up to grade 3, the maximum being 5 so that’s something for the future! During the rafting we met the second Colombian of our trip who spoke English as a result of her relocation to Orlando and she was amazing in helping with any translations we needed during the afternoon.


There is a restaurant in San Gil very popular among backpackers, Gringo Mikes, so that was the plan for the evening where we enjoyed some yummy food and drinks. Our dinner needs no description…(yes we ate it all!!!)

There is a famous freshly baked cookie for two served in Mikes and seeing as it was my birthday, it served as a perfect cake alternative! Another great day in Colombia and a birthday with a difference.




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  1. Great write up. I’m sitting on the bus to San Gil currently. Much more Pleasant experience than yours I must say…

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