Colourful Guatape

Once we had digested all the crazy information from the Escobar tour over some lunch,  we took a bus to Guatape, a “publeto” about two hours outside of Medellin. It is an area of weekend retreat for the people of Medellin. It is known for its colorful neighbourhood and lake views, both of which were a total treat. There is a very prominent rock with over 700 steps outside of the town called the “Peñon de Guatape”, standing 7012ft above sea level.


The steps looked a bit daunting initially but a quick leg workout and we were rewarded with stunning 360 views of the lakes which are from the river Nare. It is understood that the rock is the product of a volcanic eruption.

It was a short 5km stroll into the town of Guatape to our hostel with lots of lovely scenery to keep us entertained. We stayed at the Lake View Hostel for one night and it certainly lived up to its name!

Lake View Hostel, Guatape

We spent the next morning exploring the beautiful streets of Guatape before returning to Medellin. It is the most colorful place I have even seen…even the mototaxis! I can’t imagine how you could ever have a dull day here.


We returned to Medellin and before we left “piasa land” we felt obliged to try the local dish, Bandeja Piasa. We had been recommended a traditional spot, Hacienda, to try the best one apparently! So the closest thing I can compare this to is an Irish fry, which I don’t particularly like so it was going to be an interesting dinner! When it arrived we were thankful we decided to share one! Chorizo, black pudding, pork belly, fried banana, beans, mince, avocado, arepa and a fried egg #heartattackonaplate


Medellin had been manic, eye opening and full of people/piasa’s who left the biggest impression on us so far on our trip – we would highly recommend it as a location to visit in Colombia!


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