Livin it up in Lima

In Lima we stayed in an area called Miraflores. It is a wealthy, touristy area, that contains the financial district, so many hostels and all of the most popular hotels also. It was a short stop and personally I think the perfect area to stay for our needs. Our hostel was called Dragonfly and was perfectly located within walking distance to everything we wanted. The heat in Lima is on another level – it was absolutely unbearable but I felt slightly better as some of the locals who worked in our hostel told us they had never experienced a summer like it either!!

We spent our first day walking and exploring the Miraflores area and I absolutely loved it. Don’t get me wrong, there was no culture here, but it was the most relatable place to home we had been so far and was very much in line with a big North American city and I loved the brief return to the western world. First up we located a lunch spot, it was called la lucha, an extremely busy sandwich bar and kind of like a gourmet subway! Over the following days we broke every food rule we have and we returned here on numerous occasions- it’s really not like us especially for trying new food but it was insanely good and worth it!


There are beautiful parks everywhere in Lima. The first we visited was Park Kennedy which is located right  in the centre of Miraflores. It is famous as a home to about 100 stray cats which are fed by local people! We were surprised to only see one or two cats there during our time.

Park Kennedy, Miraflores, Lima

Mira Flores has a stunning promenade along the beachfront which we walked to reach the second park we visited, Parque del Amor or the love park. The park is dedicated to lovers and is surrounded by walls which are artfully decorated with mosaics. There is a famous statue called “El Beso” (The Kiss) from Victor Delfín in the centre of the park.

Lovers Park, Miraflores, Lima

We continued walking along the promenade which took us to a place called Larcomar – a three floor, huge and modern shopping centre. I was like a caged animal let loose after two months in hibernation.

Larcomar, shopping centre, Miraflores

We definitely didn’t leave home to see things that are the same elsewhere, but after a while it was nice to have little temporary reminders! We even treated ourselves to some pampering, the heat inspired Gavin to get rid of some of his hair and well I was just passing time 🙂

That night in our hostel was a craft beer tasting night so there was a good atmosphere. We decided to skip the beer and  it was time to have our “pisco sour” debut, the national drink of Peru which is made of pisco liquor, egg whites and lemon/lime juice.

Pisco Sour

We were so happy to discover that our hostel breakfast the following morning included crepes. It would have been Pancake Tuesday at home so we didn’t feel left out!!

Pancake Tuesday in Peru

We purchased a travel card for the local bus system and maneuvered our way into central Lima to explore the historical centre for the afternoon. The central square is called the Plaza Mayor or the Plaza de Armas and is absolutely stunning with architecture to give you a creek in your neck! The plaza was huge and impossible to capture in one picture but the main features are the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace and the Palace of the Union.

Plaza Mayor, Lima

That evening we were treated to an amazing  water and light show in a park called Park de la Reserva. The show runs every night from 7pm and it was packed. We had no expectations but for just over €1 entry it absolutely blew us away.


Here is some of our footage from the evening:


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