Adios Argentina

Considering we spent just over two weeks in Argentina, we covered a lot of ground – travelling the width of the country twice! This was a decision we consciously made however in order to see the infamous Iguazu Falls and it was definitely worth it. Experiencing the falls from the Brazil and Argentine borders is a definite highlight of our time travelling through South America.

Our other stops in Argentina were planned around the trip to Iguaza and we entered the various places with no expectations. However no amount of expectation could have lived up to the impression that Buenos Aries left on me in any case. We had such an enjoyable couple of days there and it has taken the crown of my favourite city we have visited in South America.

Some other general  findings that we observed during our time in Argentina, and which I have documented through some of the blog posts, is the expense of everything in  the country. this coupled with the complications in accessing currency at the ATMs meant we had to be very budget conscious during our time there. In addition it was the only location in South America where people were so forceful in seeking tips – a lot of the time it caught us by surprise however as we assumed that in buying a bus ticket our luggage handling is include in the price – as was the case in the rest of South America…anyways it is always a good idea to have small change available when you have to pay to get your bag off a bus!

Despite the expense, I have fond memories of the various steaks and empanadas that we tried throughout Argentina and our introduction to vineyard visits and wine tasting has left us excited to  bring our new wine tasting skills with us to New Zealand!

Argentina in numbers




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